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If I Never Had Kids

I'm not gonna lie...sometimes I will daydream about all of the things I could do or accomplish if I never had kids. My husband and I will laugh at the thought of all of the residual income we would have, the vacations we would go on and all of the parties would go to and throw just because we could! So I want to share with a list that I compiled of ALLLLL the things I would do if I never had kids:

1. I would sleep in. As late as I want because I don't have ANYONE else asking me for food, to wipe their butt, to break up a fight, to really do anything other than sleep.

2. I would roll around in a pile of all the money we would have. Because I wouldn't be broke from dr. appointments, medicine when they get strep, all of the sports they play and the equipment they need for their sports, ALL OF THE FOOD THEY EAT, and all of the toys they have but don't play with.

3. I would walk around naked. Because I could.

4. I would have a 6 pack.

5. I would just get into my car and drive wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted without worrying about who needs to get picked up and dropped off.

6. I would go on a luxury vacation every month. In fact we could probably buy the entire Island of Fiji (refer to number 2).

7. I would eat a hot meal...every night.

8. I would listen to the radio without worrying about the lyrics ruining my childs' soul.

9. I wouldn't have one babysitters number in my phone.

10. I would have a conversation on the phone without them thinking I have turrets because I have to keep telling a child to stop talking to me while I'm on the phone or answer questions about dinner...

11. I would wake up and have breakfast, alone, quiet, with my coffee...and then maybe go back to sleep.

12. I would read a book and not a kids book, but a real grown up book.

13. I would be a rapper.

14. I would live in a high rise apartment in the heart of the city.

15. I would have zero pets.

16. I would stand in the living room and eat candy and no one would ask me for a bite.

18. I would have another house in Europe because I would go on "holiday" and summer there and eat nothing but cheese, drink wine and hang out by the pool in a bikini with my six pack.

19. I would get my work done in an acceptable amount of time without getting asked for a snack, lunch, or a drink of water.

20. I would drive a two seater car, like the Batmobile that flies.

21. Speaking of cars, mine would be clean, no french fries crushed into the carpet, "art" drawn on my seats, finger prints on my windows, or a weird smell coming...I don't know where.

22. Oh, you want to meet up at 9pm for dinner? YES! I can do that because I don't have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night to a child throwing up!

23. I would judge and criticize moms whose children are having a meltdown in public.

24. I would wear white, all year round because I wouldn't have to worry about jelly, chocolate, cereal or any other food getting wiped on my clothes.

25. I wouldn't ever have to ask "who pooped and didn't flush the toilette?"


If I never had kids my life would be empty. I can dream about what it would be like to not have kids but I honestly can't imagine it. Through them I have learned how to have a level of patience that you can only learn through parenting and a peace of a Buddhist monk. Not to say they don't get on every last nerve I have in my body, but if someone were to hurt them I would turn into the Terminator and destroy everything in my path.

I never knew that it was possible to love in so many different ways. I never knew two people could create 4 humans who have polar opposite personalities, and God gives me grace to encourage and love each of them uniquely. I've learned more about Minecraft than any human being should learn, I've dreamed about being a grandma one day (even though the thought of my boys loving another women makes me angry).

Everything that I have had to lay down, give up or wait to pursue...has been worth it to be their mom. It's one of the greatest titles I get to have while I am here in earth (however "owner of Fiji" would also be an awesome title...) This has been one of the most important things I have been given the opportunity to do and it is an honor to be entrusted to train up these kids to be the men and woman God has created them to be. While dreaming of what life would be without them can be fun sometimes, my dreams are bigger because I get to dream about who they will become and how they will impact the world, I don't know that I would be who I am now if it wasn't for them.


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