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I had to buy a new car because I literally drove mine to death. I have 4 kids and I have had that car since I had two. My kids went through their toddler years in it, and needless to say, it smelled like feet and Chuck E. Cheese. I HATED that car but I had gotten so used to the disaster that it was, I had become immune to the rolling garbage can it was.

This is a great reflection of what our lives look like before we make the decision to walk away from the broken relationships, raggedy thought life, and poor decisions that we make. We can become so accustomed to the mess that we live in that we just accept it as what is best for us.

In 2 Corinthians 5:17 it says, "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone away, the new is here."

When you are in Christ you get to start over again; you get a new beginning. You don't have to hold on your past, you can move right into the best God has for your life. We will want to go back, because it's familiar territory for us, but God is calling us to a higher level of surrender and a higher level of living.

When I got into the new car it smelled...clean. There was not one sock, one crayon, one chicken nugget in sight. The car drove WAY better than my old car, it was new and amazing. My old car couldn't hold a candle to the new car. There was NO WAY you were getting me to leave that lot with my old car. When we are new in Christ we think clearer, speak differently, live differently; and when we are faced with old habits, thought patterns, dysfunctional relationships and addictions that kept us bound we need to look at them like a raggedy broken down car that you do NOT want to drive off the lot.

God has more for you. He has wired you for greatness and I encourage you to let Him transform you. Let Him take the brokenness, the addictions, the fear, the anxiety and make it all new. You get a chance every day to become who God has created you to be, and to do what He has created you to do.


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