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Will my kids need therapy? How many cups of coffee is really unhealthy? I think I wore this yesterday, will people notice? Would a 6 hour nap be acceptable? Did I bathe today? Is glue and Play-Doh a food group? Is my kid's head abnormally large? Why does everything smell like pee? I ate Oreos for lunch again. What is twerking? Why is my phone sticky? How many hours until I can go back to bed? Has anyone invented a time machine yet? 

This book doesn't answer any of these questions, but it does give you an opportunity to laugh at someone else's ridiculous life for once. For the next thirty days this book will make you laugh, give you hope and inspire you to be who you have been created to be and to do what you have been created to do.

Because Crack Is Illegal- A 30-Day devotional

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