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Why are Spanx a thing? Didn't we do away with corsets at the turn of the century? Who can wear 4 inch heels? Wait until you get a bunion, you will beg to wear flats! Fake eyelashes? I don't want to have glue on my eyeball. Red lipstick? You mean a day full of wondering, "do I have lipstick on my teeth?" Facial contouring? Oh that fancy term for clown make-up? Do I have to love crafts? I am still recovering from my 3rd degree glue gun burns. Career or kids. Can't I have both? 

In a world filled with ridiculous standards and new forms of torture (like decaf coffee), we have quickly come to the conclusion that The Struggle is Real. We can't escape challenges and struggles so we have to learn how to navigate this thing called life. This 60-day devotional will make you laugh, encourage you to pursue your personal spiritual growth and challenge you to surrender every area of your life to Jesus.

The Struggle is Real

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