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Mom Chronicles- Part 3

First things first, I’m the tiredest.

We have a big family. Like the kind that makes strangers and family alike go into a panic

at the mere mentioned of its size. Our tribe is 5 children strong. Now, if that doesn’t get

your parental adrenaline pumping, let me just add that I also run my own business from

home, work part-time for a marketing company at home, and homeschool our oldest 3.

Throw in soccer practices, soccer games, performing arts classes, performances,

birthday parties, family functions and church things and you can see how quickly one

can go from being a completely sane, organized individual to someone who doesn't

know what month they are living in! (It’s June, right? I’m pretty sure it’s June. Maybe.)

Organizing the life of 7 individuals takes some pretty serious logistics, planning, and

copious amounts of time. I’m pretty sure at this point I could organize a successful,

large-scale SWAT bust or something. Everyone needs a backup, right? Anyway, I

schedule everything out (usually around midnight), put it all on our phone calendars,

then add it to my planner, if I haven’t given in to sheer exhaustion and passed out on the

couch yet. I know what is coming up, I know where we need to be at what time, and I

know the things that we are supposed to accomplish that day. I also know that I haven’t

slept through the night in 8 years, 7 months, and 4 days, but whatever.

So many times as mamas, we get lost in the daily activities and weekly schedules and

forget what spending quality time with our kids actually looks like. We measure our

success and failure as parents by how many lines we did or didn’t cross off our to-do

lists that day, or how many school lessons we did or didn’t get through. While those

things are important to running a household and raising children, God’s purpose for us

as mothers goes way beyond organization and scheduling!

God has entrusted us with nurturing the most important parts of a person. We, as

mothers, have the capability to reach the hearts of our children, speak to their spirits,

and tend to their souls while they are here with us on this earth. Anybody else not

remember checking the “soul-tender” box on the hospital forms? Yikes, right?? That’s a

massive responsibility when you start to think about the extensiveness of your role!

So how do we tend to our children’s souls and still find the time to maintain a relatively

organized life? Here are 3 intentional things that I do with our children that don’t take up

much time, but have a huge impact:

1. I do my best to stop what I am doing and listen to each one of them when they

speak to me. This was one of the hardest things for me to do. I have FIVE children!

If one of them isn’t talking, the other four ARE. How are you supposed to get

anything done if you are constantly stopping to listen to someone?? I noticed that

when I started looking into their big excited eyes and told them I was listening, it

didn’t take as long to listen as it did before. I was no longer preoccupied with

checking my email and having to constantly say things like, “hold on!”, or “wait, what

did you say?”, or “come back and tell me in a few minutes”. You also learn a lot

about who your children are, and what issues they deal with when you take the time

to be present and listen to their hearts.

2. I look for teachable moments in everything that we do. In our busy days,

sometimes “teach a Bible lesson” would fall to the bottom. I would get to the end of

the night and wonder what I taught them about the Lord and His Word. By looking

for moments during the day, where I can say “God’s Word tells us how to handle this

type of situation”, I show them that God is much more than just a lesson. He is apart

of our everyday life!

3. We stop, and pray. We adopted this method a few years ago, and we have already

seen the fruits of this simple action! Our children pray for each other and us, and are

not afraid to announce a prayer request. Whether it be for a boo-boo, a bad attitude,

a friend that isn’t being kind, a worry, a fear, whatever it is, we stop at that moment

and I pray with them. I want them to know that I care about their concerns, and so

does the Lord.

How are you tending to your child’s soul? If you are a busy mom (is there really any

other kind?), you can start being intentional with the job God has entrusted to you, and

make the most of your time with your children by pouring into their lives moment by


Your fellow busy mom,

Amanda Freyre


You can follow Amanda on Facebook here and Instagram here

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